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The resurgence of is poised to transform online fundraising and empower donors with transparent, democratic control over their contributions. Building on a legacy of activism and engagement, Causes is merging traditional digital advocacy with a cutting-edge platform for social change.

A Well-Established Brand with Untapped Potential is a recognized brand with significant reach and influence. With a daily email audience of 100,000, 500,000 active users, and a vast database of 190 million supporter profiles, Causes has the potential to revolutionize the way individuals contribute to social causes.

The New Causes Model: Empowering Donors

Causes' innovative model combines the strengths of Avaaz, Open Collective, and democratic budgeting to create a unique platform for fundraising and activism. By enabling donors to participate in a democratic decision-making process, Causes ensures that contributions are allocated to projects and organizations that align with their values.

The platform leverages the power of targeted messaging and donation bundling to maximize impact. Through regular, timely emails and social media campaigns, Causes keeps supporters informed and engaged on topical issues. Donations are then grouped into supporter-directed Cause Funds, allowing individuals to collectively fund projects that resonate with them.

A Team of Experts

Causes has assembled a team with a diverse range of expertise, including:

  • Oscar Soria: Renowned for his campaign leadership at Avaaz, where he helped grow the organization to 70 million members and $40 million in annual revenue.
  • Rabble (Evan Henshaw-Plath): A pioneer in social media technology and co-founder of several influential platforms.
  • Joshua Vial: An expert in AI and language model technologies, bringing cutting-edge tools to enhance Causes' capabilities.

Addressing a Critical Need

The current fundraising model for individual donations is often inefficient, with many potential supporters failing to convert into donors. Causes' multi-issue targeted emails effectively address this issue by keeping supporters engaged and directing donations to focused Cause Funds.

Leveraging Technology for Impact

Causes will harness the power of its extensive user database and social media presence to raise awareness and adoption of the Nostr social media protocol. This decentralized protocol allows for direct donations from campaign posts, providing a new avenue for fundraising and engagement.

Additionally, Causes will develop a donation and crowdfunding platform, shifting the focus from lead generation to managing donations and fundraising efforts for impactful causes.

A Sustainable Business Model

Causes has three primary sources of monetization:

  1. Donation Platform: Causes will collect a tip of 4%-9% on donations made through the platform.
  2. Database Monetization: Providing non-profits and political campaigns with access to targeted segments of the Causes user list.
  3. Existing Services: Continuing to offer existing services like list rental and cross-promotions.

A Vision for the Future

With a strong team, a proven business model, and a vast network of supporters, Causes is poised to become a leading platform for social change. By empowering donors and democratizing the fundraising process, Causes will enable individuals to have a direct and meaningful impact on the issues they care about most.


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