Videos & Talks

Talks & Videos

Rebel Geeks: Steal from the Capitalists

Documentary film by Al Jazeera English about my career and the work I've done to create technology platforms and use technology as a tool for social change.
Nostr for Normies

Keynote from the Nostrasia Conference 2023 in Tokyo. In this talk I go over the need to make Nostr work for a non-technical audience.
Salon Discussion with Nathan Schneider - Web3 and Social Networks: Decentralization

Nathan and I talk about the future of social media networks after Elon Musk took over Twitter.
Nostrica 2023: History social protocols

Talk from the Nostrica 2023 conference on the history of decentralized Social Media protocols from the origin of computer networks though today.
How Software Remakes the world

ColaborAmerica - Rio de Janiero 2017
Looking at how software is created, how it's used, and how it's not just eating the world, but reshaping it based on the the values and power dynamics of it's creators.
What does it mean to be a programmer

Using the story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull this talk looks at the what it means to be a professional software developer. The need to look at what we do as an act of creation which has value in the craft itself.
La Historia Secreto de Twitter (Spanish)
Congreso Mentes Brillantes is an annual conference in Madrid focused on important ideas that illuminate the future.
Ted-X: The Values Embedded in Technology
Technology is not neutral, instead it has values which reflect the institutions which create it. As people use technology they are shaped by it, in a way which is similar to how our interactions are shaped by the buildings and urban environments in which we live.
the Culture EMBEDDED in Ruby vs Python

Keynote delivered at the Scottish Ruby Conference looking at the cultural roots of Ruby and Python and how different values shaped the design of the core language and libraries.
Reimagining The Internet

Talking about and my work to build a decentralized web. Interview with Ethan Zuckerman formerly of the MIT Media Lab and now at the new Institute for Digital Public Infrastructure.
Note: this talk unintentionally leaves out the tremendous work of many people on the twitter engineering team and twitter's transformation was a multi-year process involving many people and competing priorities.
Platform Cooperatives to Defend Democracy

Interview at OuiShare in Paris 2017 talking about the creation and sustainability of platform coops as an alternative economic system for the internet and how that can protect democracy.
Bringing decentralized social media to IOS

First presentation of Planetary (then named Verse) as secure scuttlebutt application on iOS.
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