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Senior SRE Google
“Evan is a capable manager well versed both in the technical side of software development and in the logistic "kung fu" involved in setting up a new branch in a developing nation on another continent.”
Founder Ios dev camp
“Rabble is a giant among hackers. His was the final word at Odeo in terms of any technical issue or solution. I'd be honored to work with him again.”
"pretty amazing"
Founding Team Twitter
"Working with Rabble was a daily lesson in open source technology and hacking. He would constantly amaze me with his innovative ideas and commitment to creating social software that unites people and allows them to express themselves. It would be an honor to work with Rabble again."
Director Ecos vc
"I knew Evan back at the beginning of his career. As a leader in a venture development company working closely with start-ups it was clear even then that I should do my best to keep hold of his coat tails. He clearly had even then unusually sharp insights into the interplay between humans and computers."
Revista Orsai
"A un grandulón un poco friki que recorre los jardines de su universidad, con mil proyectos en la cabeza y todo el futuro por delante."